Benefits for companies

Discover a completely new way of recruitment - hire quickly, easily, and free of charge!

What’s happening with us?

In today's dynamic world, finding the right qualified employees has become more challenging than ever before. Traditional recruitment methods are increasingly facing limitations and drawbacks that slow down the process and hinder connecting with the talents crucial for your business growth. Administrative burdens are prevalent, and analyzing hundreds of resumes, seeking references, and communicating with candidates consume not only time but also resources. Acknowledging these challenges, we have created a revolutionary platform that transforms the way you search for the right employees.

What are the benefits of joobzz?

Instead of spending time reviewing hundreds of resumes, you have access to candidate profiles that already contain all the relevant information. This innovation allows you to quickly identify and filter candidates who perfectly match your requirements. Best of all, Joobzz eliminates the need for additional paperwork. We present to you the future of recruitment, which is efficient, transparent, and innovative.

Easy candidate access

Don't just wait for someone to apply for your job post. Reach out to candidates directly and make an offer. Based on our advanced filters, we make sure you find the right candidates in no time!

Free of charge

Bypass paying job advertising websites and employment agencies. With Joobzz, your seach for employees doesn't have to be expensive.

Daily alerts

If set, you will receive a (at the moment a is twice) daily e-mail with newly registered candidates for the position you are currently recruiting for.

Easy contact

After filtering out the large candidates database, starting a conversation is only a few clicks away. Start with a request for contact and as soon as it gets approved you will be able to send the right candidate a message through Joobzz.

How we make it happen

Joobzz wants to make it easy not only for candidates but for companies as well. In a few clicks you are in business!

  • Sign up

    Visit or download the joobzz mobile app and create your company account within two minutes.

  • Create your profile

    In order to rule out fraudulent information and to protect the candidates, we have to verify the provided company information. Once you pass, you will receive the approval in 24 hours.

  • Get ready to find candidates

    You are all set, the search begins now!

There has never been an easier and faster way to get the candidates you really need. Joobzz helps you save time and energy. Let's hire!